Cruise to the Lake ’09

Well, we had our first club sponsored event and it was a blast. The weather was great. The location was nice. And best of all, we got to spend time with our friends and admire some beautiful cars.

We had 65 cars turn out. Not bad for our first club event. And not bad for a winter show. There were lots of Hambers and friends from other clubs. Lots of great cars. It was nice to see everyone drive in to the spot.

We raffled off a few small prizes and a couple bigger ones. Somebody got a $60 gift cert to Greenspans. Another guy got a signed and framed Keith Weezner print. The winner of the 50/50 raffle walked away with $170. It was fun.

The real success of the event was that we raised over $200 for The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Thanks to all who took part in the 50/50 raffle and a big thanks to the Hell’s Belles for their donation! The money will be used to by things that the kids need at the hospital and we will be hand-carrying the gifts to make sure they get to those kids. A big thanks to you guys.

All in all, it was a good little turnout for our first shindig. And even better than that, we got to spend a February saturday saoking in the sun and admiring cars with our friends. That makes it all worth it. We hope to keep doing this event and hope to see it grow.

I want to send somne special thank yous to some people:

– The Autoholics and Starlight Rod & Kustom. Quality bunch of guys with nice rides! Thanks for the support. We look forward to supporting you in your endeavors. Big ups to Edgar. And to Malex, it was great seeing you again man.
– The Strays. My homies por vida. Big thanks to Miguel, Saul, and the rest of the boys. Always great to see you guys. Thanks for coming out. You know you always have our support tambien.
– Early Riders. A great club that came down from the AV. Thanks for coming out guys. Hope you had fun. You’re always welcomed to hang out.
– Hell’s Belles, you girls are the best. Thanks for coming out and thank you so much for the donation to Children’s Hospital. You guys know how much it means.
– Embers SoCal. Thanks to alteredpilot and tikidiablo for making the drive. Hope you guys had a nice time.
– All the other hambers I recognized. I noticed RUDOG’s beautiful car. And Knucklehead’s truck. Thanks guys. And GOUCHO made it out! Good to see you man.
– Thanks to Debbie and her crew. Always great to see you girl. The Gal is perty!
– Saw Ritchie cruise in with the vert. Thanks for cruising on up homeboy. Car looked flawless as always.
– Marco Patino. You’re the man. Always nice to chat with you. Thanks for coming out holmes!
– And to all the other people that I failed to mention…THANK YOU for joining us and helping us make it a fun event. I hope everyone will do it agsain next year.

One highlight for me personally, was Conrad bringing the Lopez Merc! I’ve been geeking out over that car since I was a little kid. Thank you Conrad! Lots of great history there and more being made with the restoration. It was so cool to see how much of the original build is still intact and functioning properly. Very cool indeed.


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