Introducing…Hush Hush

Brother Eryk (Los Boulevardos California President) freshly painted and re done juiced olds… what a machine! The paint and details are insane! With a tint of sepia tone on the pics, the car would look right at home on the cover of Lowrider magazine circa mid to late 70’s. Killer job man!!

Eryks Family Vault Vol. 2

(See Vol 1 first) –> Volume 1 Volume 2 – The Gran Prix Growing up I always heard stories about how my parents had Grand Prix. And how my mom’s was the nicest one in San Fernando. The car would come up in conversation at small family gatherings. It was always “the car that you …

Eryk’s Family Vault: Vol 1

I’ve been going through some old albums and boxes at my grandpa’s house. There are some great family heirlooms and memories. I’ve run across a number of photos to add to my growing collection of 60’s and 70’s car/family related stuff. The best part of all this is talking to my grandpa about everything I …

Cruise to the Lake ’09

Well, we had our first club sponsored event and it was a blast. The weather was great. The location was nice. And best of all, we got to spend time with our friends and admire some beautiful cars. We had 65 cars turn out. Not bad for our first club event. And not bad for …

Los Bluebirds

Sifting through some old files today, I came across this little snippet from Japan’s Crusin’ magazine… I started crackin up laughing… AGAIN. I think we should re name the club. Well all’s forgiven, they got it right the second time around. I still like Los Bluebirds though.