Building the Enola Gay: The Man, The Machine, and the Mission

    Harry’s 1962 Pontiac from Chicago  is one of the most eye catching and truly unique street driven mild customs around. This car overflows with style at every corner, and is a perfect example of the unique Los Boulevardos aesthetic that Harry has termed “period possible”.

Los Boulevardos in Lowrider magazine

The May 2013 issue of Lowrider features full page photos of two Chicago chapter LBCC rides. Props to Ed “Magic” Calderon for pulling the trigger on the killer long-exposure shots of ooo000ooo’s Cadillac and Rasputin’s Pontiac.

Lil’ GTO… you look so fine

Brother Rasputin’s GTO is way too badass not to post here. This is a little video that prospect Matt [73 Carlow] took for all to enjoy. Take out your box of kleenex and crank the volume. If the video doesn’t work, go to this link:CLICK Car: 1666 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Motor: 421 Trans: Super T-10 …