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Cruising the Grapevine

Ever wonder what it’d be like to cruise in the Grapevine with Larry Watson on Spring St. in Paso? Bob’s done it. Click to read more

Go Boldly

Adornment by cixpack.


Just a reminder and a slight update about the Shindig: it is now being held on SUNDAY, not Saturday. Hope to see as many of you as possible on the bridge and at the park this coming Sunday morning!

Chicago Cruising

Cool Instructable on 3D printing car parts

I came across this neat Instructable by [madmorrie] on 3D printing door handles for a 62 Valiant on the internets while looking up something for a similar project. This builder used the popular 3D printing website Shapeways to make a one-off door handle for their car. I dig it because it’s a perfect example of …

Test Post

Here’s the test post to show how to use the new blog.

Chicago Cruising