Cruising the Grapevine

Ever wonder what it’d be like to cruise in the Grapevine with Larry Watson on Spring St. in Paso? Bob’s done it. Click to read more

Happy Birthday Larry.

Larry Watson would have been 72 years old today. Let’s wish him a Happy Birthday by celebrating his legacy and remembering what a true badass he was. Gone but never forgotten. His spirit lives on. Happy Birthday Larry. We’re celebrating with you, good buddy.

Johnny Taylors ’58 Ford

This car was built in the early 60s and has recently reappeared looking almost as good as it did 45 years ago. The grille bar is from a 1959 Imperial. It has 59 Caddy tailights, custom scoops in the roof, Custom made side trim. The history on this beautiful ford is a little fuzzy. Taking …

Must Buy

Kustomland: The Custom Car Photography of James Potter, 1955-1959 is a book written by car designer Thom Taylor. The first edition of the book was published June 15, 2008, and features pictures taken by professional freelance photographer James Potter in the fifties. In this photographic history of that time and place, Thom Taylor presents the …


Duane Steck,’54 Chevrolet. You might wonder why the Moonglow caught the eye and captured the hearts of customizers then and now. It’s a simple, owner-built, driveway constructed car, finished in nothing more exotic than appliance white and powder blue enamel. The major modification, of course, was the well-proportioned top chop, complemented by reworked rear fenders …